Being on camera as a cam model can be a lot of fun. It also means you’ve got to give your audience a good show to build your brand. One of the easiest ways to add some variety to your routine, and spice up what viewers see, is to add a variety of adult toys that you can use on camera.


Here are some of the best options that are available right now.


1. Lush

This Bluetooth remote control brings a lot of fun to the camera. With the right payment, you can let one of your viewers control your pleasure. It’s also a great option for some solo fun if you’re not comfortable with handing out some long-distance control. It offers unlimited patterns, can be activated by sound, and even syncs to music.

Lush Remote Control Vibrator


2. Nora

This toy offers an innovative design that puts pressure and movement where you like it the most. The head rotates to provide intense pleasure, which will be certain to please those who are watching.

Nora Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator

3. Hush

Combine this option with Lush to create one amazing show. It offers the same features as Hush, though is designed more for back-door access. You’ll also appreciate the intuitive design which keeps the toy in place while you’re working.

Hush Teledildonic Butt Plug

4. Ambi

This is the adult toy you’ll want to use when precise control is what you want for your show. It offers broad stimulation, pinpoint stimulation, and a superior level of versatility. This toy is also very comfortable to handle and control, removing the bulkiness that other toys tend to offer, which can cause your hand to ache during extended use.

Ambi Bullet Vibrator

5. Edge

Girls aren’t the only cam models who get to have some fun. This adult toy is designed to provide vibration stimulation right along the prostrate. It offers Bluetooth control for solo play, like Lush, while offering dual vibrators for an intense personal experience. It is also one of the few toy options that is adjustable without compromising the stability of the experience.

Edge Prostate Massager

6. Domi

This option is perfect for those who are looking for a discrete vibrator that doesn’t compromise on the power it brings. With multiple settings available that will tickle every spot, you’ll find that even though this vibrator is half the size of a standard model, it packs a punch that feels twice as strong.

Domi Mini Wand

7. Osci

This toy provides a unique option for stimulation. It is the first of its type to provide oscillating access to your perfect spot. That means you don’t receive vibration. A small motor moves in-and-out, providing intense pleasure.

Osci G-Spot Toy

A good show provides more than personal pleasure – it provides a better income.


Choose from these options, explore new opportunities, and you’ll be able to make your time on-camera be an amazing experience.

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